Duncan Roy’s AKA will open at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in Los Angeles on December 12th.
Based on a true events, AKA tells the story of a disaffected youth, his shifting identity, and his search for love. Dean (Matthew Leitch), the handsome hero, is trapped in a dead world: a working class suburb with a sexually abusive father and a waitress mother who is convinced that she is a friend to the aristocrats she serves. Dean runs away from home seeking out Lady Gryffoyn (Diana Quick), one of the many characters that his mother has told him about at the restaurant. After meeting her, Dean moves into her home but after a short time falls out with her jealous son Alex Gryffoyn (Blake Ritson).
A chance meeting with Benjamin (Peter Youngblood Hills), a charismatic American, leads Dean to Paris where he assumes the identity of Alex Gryffoyn. With Benjamin’s unwitting help, Dean infiltrates the very upper class his mother waits on, convincing them — and himself — that he belongs. Running up huge fraudulent credit card bills, Dean attracts the notice of police back in England while simultaneously hooking up with David Glendenning (George Asprey), the rich, aristocratic man for whom Benjamin is a courtesan. David takes Dean under his wing but only after expelling Dean’s one true friend Benjamin from their inner circle. Dean learns the hard way that reinventing oneself comes at a price when the hell he endured at home comes back to haunt him.

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