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By Film Threat Staff | January 10, 2001

George Hamilton’s tan? Fake. Those Bigfoot pics? Probably fake. The Apollo moon landings? Completely fake.
Don’t let the government continue the charade for a second longer. Check out “Airplane Glue,” the revealing short film by mavericks Kirk Hostetter and Evan Mather, and learn the facts about one of the biggest cover-ups of this century…well, last century.
“Airplane Glue” will give you a hand-held tour through the once-secret NASA Apollo filming grounds, loads of incriminating evidence, and much more. And if you’re feeling a little anti-conspiracy theory film today, no matter — the [”Airplane Glue” site ] houses other cool shorts from the gang like “Fansom the Lizard” and “Buena Vista Fight Club”. Put on your thinking cap and get ready to sniff some “Glue”.

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