Using the animation method on world dictators like Saddam Hussein on “South Park”, the focus is on Arnold Schwarzenegger and his bid for governor of Kahleefournea (or however you want to spell it, based on your interpretation of how he says it). Announcing that this is a “total recall”, Ahnold vows to use his skills from “Kindergarten Cop” to help the schools, and get medical patients the best care possible, promptly telling two surgeons that the patient doesn’t have a tumor. He then demands that they sew him up and get the patient the hell out of there.

He promises to use his skills as a policeman to clean up the streets and it obviously has the slant that all he knows about government and how cities work, he learned from the movies. Yeah, yeah, yeah. As if that hasn’t already been established. He’s here and he’s working on the state now, and we can’t do a thing about it. Besides, he hasn’t done anything yet to merit a recall. Our state’s gone through one already and a double feature doesn’t sound too appealing.

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