By Film Threat Staff | May 1, 2001

Compare our rates against IndieWire – FilmThreat delivers FOUR TIMES as many readers!
FILMTHREAT.COM REACHES THE INDUSTRY ^ The best way for film professionals, industry bigwigs, studio executives, film festival directors, other media outlets, even moviegoers and film fans to find out about your independent film is by advertising on Take advantage of our special indie filmmaker advertising rates to promote your movie on one of the largest movie web sites on the site. By spending even a small amount of money, your exposure on can lead to industry contacts, further press, festival invites and the kind of publicity that will give your movie the edge in a very crowded marketplace.
FILMTHREAT.COM VITAL STATISTICS ^’s weekly newsletter has 100,000 subscribers. The web site is visited by over 250,000 people monthly generating over 15 million hits. A banner run for one week will deliver over 100,000 impressions. Compare our rates against the competition and you’ll quickly see that we deliver a larger audience at a fraction of the cost.
CLASSIFIED AD PRICES ^ A classified ad of up to 50 words appears in our classified section of the web site and in Film Threat’s weekly e-mail newsletter sent out to almost 100,000 people. Here is the pricing for multiple insertions: ^ 1X: $175 ^ 2X: $250 ^ 3X: $325 ^ 4X: $400 ^ 5X: $500 plus get a FREE 120X60 banner up for two weeks during your ad run.
BANNER AD PRICES ^ These prices are based on banner ads sized 120X60 (No more than 12K please.) Start your ad run whenever you like for 7 days. Your ad will appear on every page of the site, no matter where the user clicks.
120X60 SIDE BANNER ^ 1 week: $250 ^ 2 weeks: $350 ^ 3 weeks: $450 ^ 4 weeks: $500
468X60 TOP BANNER ^ 1 week: $450 ^ 2 weeks: $600 ^ 3 weeks: $750 ^ 4 weeks: $900
Inquire about additional weeks and pricing for ads in other size ranges such as 120X30, 120X120, 120X240, etc… We can accommodate any ad sized I the 120 range on our side menu.
BANNER AND CLASSIFIED AD COMBO DEAL ^ Purchase both banner and classified advertising and get 50% off the total price! Just add up the total and knock off a whole 50% off the price! (Offer good for a limited time, so book soon.) Inquire about additional weeks.
FILM THREAT DELIVERS A HUGE WORLDWIDE AUDIENCE TO YOU AT AMAZING PRICES! ^ Advertise on one of the most respected and heavily trafficked movie sites on the net! FILM THREAT offers the lowest ad rates available from a major film news source. Advertising with us is an unbeatable opportunity to reach the site’s loyal readers who generate 15 million hits per month. In addition to the site, Film Threat publishes a weekly email newsletter currently sent to 100,000 subscribers. FILM THREAT is now offering you a deal that will put you on the site and in our e-mail newsletter.
WHAT IS FILM THREAT’S HISTORY? ^ Since its initial incarnation as a print magazine in 1985, Film Threat’s mission has been to champion the increasingly popular explosion of independent and underground films. Film Threat Magazine covered cult, underground, alternative and independent features and short films like no other publication in existence. launched as one of the first movie web sites in 1996. Now one of the most respected and enduring sites of its kind, currently attracts an average of 15 million hits per month. Film Threat Weekly, our free weekly e-mail containing film reviews, news, festival reports, humorous essays, links to movie web sites, box office reports, and more, is distributed to a growing list of over 100,000 subscribers, including some of Hollywood’s most influential players.
Combining its popular website and weekly newsletter, continues its original mission to champion indie films and deliver “Truth in Entertainment.”
WHY ADVERTISE ON FILMTHREAT.COM? ^ Look, we love print magazines. We were a print magazine ourselves…back in the last millennium. But while print mags are (still) great for the readers, what about you, the advertiser? You’re probably paying hundreds of dollars for a precious 1/2 column ad in the back of some magazine…which the reader may or may not even glance at once as he flips through the pages…before tossing the magazine aside. For good.
Things work a little differently on We update our site daily. This keeps our readers coming back every day for a week, two weeks, a month…indefinitely. And that means they’ll see your ad every time they do.
HURRY! THESE SPECIAL AD RATES EXPIRE 05-31-2002! ^ PAYMENT AND BOOKING AN AD: ^ All ads must be paid up front. No exceptions. ^ You may pay by credit card using PayPal by sending the money to: on the PayPal web site. You may also pay by check or money order which must be made out to: Gore Group Publications. Mail to: ^ FILM THREAT ADVERTISING ^ 5042 Wilshire Blvd. P.M.B. 1500 ^ Los Angeles, CA 90036
Please be sure to send a copy of your ad and a confirmation via e-mail to let us know that you have made your payment via PayPal or sent us your check and we will confirm the dates of your ad run. ^ Contact us with further questions and let us help you reach our vast worldwide audience of filmmakers and film fans. Additional support in the form of special placement and longer banner runs may be negotiated at reasonable rates. We know that placement on and in our newsletter has been a very effective way for independent filmmakers to get the word out about their films and film festivals to reach filmmakers. Especially when it comes to reaching other media outlets and the industry. Contact us with further questions and let us help you reach our vast worldwide audience of filmmakers and film fans. Let us know how we can help you reach your goals.
To get more details about’s regular ad rates along with numbers and demographic statistics, click over to our Advertising Section.
To book an ad, or if you have any further questions, send an e-mail to: I WANT TO BUY AN AD! We will promptly answer all of your questions and take care of all of your advertising needs. ^ Thanks from the entire team!

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