By Admin | April 1, 2004

Behind her tan good looks and eye-popping figure, there lies a far more serious side to actress Krista Grotte. Part of that, no doubt, stems from the fact that the native Floridian grew up in a house with an abusive father, and a mother who found it hard to cope with the rigors of everyday life. But Dad’s bad behavior had Grotte so infuriated that–at an age when some little buggers are just getting the training wheels taken off their bikes–she had already taken it to the streets in an entirely different way: by organizing a self-styled “women’s lib” march. And while Gloria Steinem probably didn’t show up to cheer her on, Grotte made her point.

That unique childhood helped her empathize with some of the disturbed individuals on-hand when she got a job as a “mental health tech.” It also proved to be fine training for her acting gig in an upcoming indie flick called “Filthy.” In it Grotte plays a deranged young gal who was not only conceived due to a foul incestuous liaison, but who also has the hots for her own brother. So, you might say it’s a classic case of the apple not falling far from the tree. And, let’s face it, that’s one Family Tree that ought to be chopped down.

For her part, Grotte has been toiling away as a model and actress for a couple of years now, and she seems determined to make it big in the world of celluloid thespianism. She’s following up her juicy part in “Filthy” with a lead role in director Linda Campbell’s upcoming film “Hardscrabble,” as well as another movie called “Valley of the Shadow.” With her career gathering more momentum than a pack of juiced-up mental patients charging down a hospital corridor, only a lunatic would bet against Krista Grotte.

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