Win a FREE weekend to Karate International Magazine’s action stunt and moviemaking camp on July 14-15 in River Vale, New Jersey. So, you want to be Arnold? Dreams of being Sly? You want to kick a*s like Jackie Chan? Follow your dream . . . all the way to Storm King mountain and to Michel DePasquale, Jr’s Action Stunt training camp. There you will learn the skills to perform your own stunts. You will be trained by some of the best in the business; moviemaking experts who can help you launch your own successful stunt or acting career. This camp, produced by Michael DePasquale, Jr., was created to help people break into the movie business. The camp is now sought after by aspiring actors and stunt people the world over.
They’ve assisted the careers of Rob Van Damme (ECW Wrestling, “Superfights”), Steve Tartalia (“The Cutoff,” “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”- Stunt Double for the character “Spike”), Mike Jones (“The Cutoff,” Three Ninjas on Mega Mountain,” WWF Super Bowl Half-Time Stunt), and a host of others.
At the Action Film Camp you will learn: ^ • How to put together a headshot and resume. How to audition. How to get an agent. ^ • How to choreograph a fight scene. How to “sell” the technique (show reactions). ^ • How to fall safely. How to “hit your mark”. ^ • Firearm safety, knife throwing, airbag falls, stair falls.
The instructors of the Action Film Camp 2001 are working professionals with expertise in several areas of the movie industry. It would be worthwhile to attend a seminar by any one of these instructors, but the Action Film Camp gives you the opportunity to attend classes by several instructors from different parts of the country all in one location, on one weekend. The Film Making camp will take place on Storm King Mountain on Cornwall On Hudson in upstate New York.
TO ENTER THE CONTEST: The drawing will be held on July 2nd and winners will be notified on July 6th. To enter, with no obligation, just send your name, address, and phone number to: ^ KARATE INTERNATIONAL Film Camp contest ^ 187 River Vale Road^ River Vale, NJ 07675
For more info, call 201-666-7100 or fax 201-666-2216, or e-mail: or go to the official Action Film Camp web site.
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