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By Film Threat Staff | December 26, 2001

“Lethal Force” is an extreme parody of old-fashioned American action movies. Writer, director, producer, editor Alvin Ecarma is using a line of action figures to promote the indie feature. The nutty Ecarma describes himself as a prolific, Washington, D.C.-based filmmaker whose short films have appeared in such festivals as the Chicago Underground, the San Franciso Asian American and the Johns Hopkins Film Festivals among others. Lethal Force is his debut feature. The plot description reads as follows: Open on JACK CARTER, a gangster whose family is being held captive by MAL LOCKE, a fallen crime lord. After his wife LINDA is executed for attempting an escape and with PATRICK, his young son, in Mal’s clutches Jack arranges to sell out his best friend SAVITCH, a ruthless killer. Assisted by RITA, an aide-de-camp, and BIG BERTHA, his lieutenant, Mal has concocted this scheme to take revenge on Savitch who had left him for dead many years ago. ^ When the ambush goes wrong, Jack leads Savitch to Bertha’s club where the truth is revealed. Savitch escapes and is later cornered by Jack and Mal’s goons. After a violent shoot-out, Savitch spares Jack’s life, allowing Jack to take him by surprise with an iron pipe. Beating him within an inch of his life, Jack subdues Savitch. Mal arrives and takes Savitch back to his hideout. ^ Meanwhile, Rita has been surreptitiously watching over Patrick and soon reveals that she is a rogue cop also out for Savitch’s blood. Admitting that Jack is not all that bad when compared to Mal, Rita promises to free his son and permit him to escape as long as Jack does not interfere with her plan to take down Savitch and Mal’s gang. Gladly, Jack agrees with the arrangement. ^ Back at Mal’s hideout, Rita goes to free Jack’s son while Savitch is being tortured. The plan backfires and Rita is caught red-handed by Mal’s goons. But before Mal can do anything, Savitch breaks free. While Savitch single-handedly kills Mal, Bertha, Rita and all the goons, Jack slips away and rescues his son. ^ Before they can escape, Savitch confronts Jack and Patrick. Jack is mortally wounded and when his son tries to defend him, he injures Savitch and flees the scene. Enraged, Savitch goes to hunt him down. Meanwhile, Jack, still barely alive, goes to stop him. With paternal love pitted against killer instinct, no criminal is left unpunished or innocent left unscathed in a brutal, blood-soaked climax.
Now, if you actually read all that crap, you might be turned off at how typical this film seems. But there’s nothing typical about the action figures produced to promote the film. Upon close examination, the craftsmanship is clear. Okay, we’re just struck with the idea of promoting an indie film with dolls. That’s one we’ve never seen before. Enjoy the pics!
Get more info on the Lethal Force Action Figures web site.
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