By Lucas McNelly | June 16, 2011

Staunch fans of Film Threat (i.e. You), people who rely on this publication to be one of the pillars of indie film journalism, people who are no doubt backers of the IndieGoGo campaign (or, like me, were backers of the Kickstarter campaign), might remember my project A YEAR WITHOUT RENT from it’s turn as a “Certified Film Threat In Progress”.

Then again, maybe not. That was a couple of months ago and I’m sure you’re busy.

Regardless of your memory, I’ve been on the road for the last 4 months, traveling around the country, volunteering on indie film projects small and not-so-small, and documenting the process all over the place.

Right now, for example, I’m flying from Chicago to San Francisco, where I’ll work on Sean Gillane’s second feature, then drive down to LA for Paul Osborne’s FAVOR. It’s a lot of driving (and flights), probably best summarized by this fancy tool from our friends over at Tripline. Seriously, it’s a really cool website just waiting for a crafty transmedia project to make it sing.

One of our primary goals here at A YEAR WITHOUT RENT (other than not getting pulled over for tweeting and driving) is to give our projects as much free publicity as possible, so we’re thrilled that the good folks at Film Threat have agreed to join our roster of syndication partners.

Have I mentioned yet that we’ll come and work on your film too? On our webpage there’s a button that says “come work on my film.” Click it. Follow the directions.

In the meantime, we’ll start pushing content over here. Maybe even from the beginning, but there’s kind of a lot, so we’ll see what the editors want to do.

Filmmaker Lucas McNelly is spending a year on the road, volunteering on indie film projects around the country, documenting the process and the exploring the idea of a mobile creative professional. You can see more from A Year Without Rent at the webpage. His feature-length debut is now available to rent on VOD. Follow him on Twitter: @lmcnelly.

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