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By Eric Campos | July 19, 2002

Far more entertaining than her other short film The Hypnotist and just as visually delicious, Anna Biller has once again left me in complete awe over her ability to capture a long passed period of film – this time around, a 1950’s Technicolor western with a touch of the supernatural.

Poor helpless Lucy is suffering nightly attacks from the Incubus, a dream demon that ravages women in their sleep. Having enough of this jackassery, Lucy decides to make something of herself, so she gussies up and heads down to the saloon where she applies for a job as the establishment’s singing and dancing entertainment. The next evening, as she prepares for her debut performance, Lucy is bummed to find that co-billed with her is…The Incubus. And so it is in front of a crowd of hooting and hollering cowboys that the two go head up with one another with a little song and dance competition.

It’s interesting how this film starts out as a creepy, even sexy, piece with this demon coming through the window to paw at the defenseless Lucy, only to turn around and become a full blown musical, which in turn finds the Incubus becoming this sort of shameless hack stage performer as Lucy blossoms into a star.

Brilliantly directed, written and acted, the biggest star of this film is once again, Biller’s impeccable talent for set and costume design. You just can’t help but get sucked into the Technicolor world that she knows so well. Truly astonishing. Go to her site and check it out now! You go now!!

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