This is a coming of age tale of two friends, Sam & Jules, who have been best friends since donning their first pink tutus in dance class, at the age of six. Jules is far more serious about a career in dance, and is pursuing her dream of going to Juliard, with the help of her inspiring dance teacher (played by Lynn Whitfield). Nothing comes between Jules and her dream, not even her boyfriend Eli.

After a pain in her hip turns out to be cancer, Jules tries to cope with the help of Sam and her family. This is the biggest challenge she has ever faced, and she valiantly tries to keep her eye on the prize to persevere.

While director Peter Gilbert is a little overly dramatic in this film, but it’s actually quite refreshing to see a portrayal of high school that doesn’t involve, sex, nudity, innuendos and profanity. He focuses on “normal”, middle-class kids, who are actually pursuing goals, rather than looking for the next party or good time. There are some great dance sequences, although this is no “Dirty Dancing”, “Center Stage” or “Fame”. The two lead actresses, Larisa Oleynik & Shiri Appleby, give good performances, along with cameos by Peter Coyote & Amy Madigan. It’s a good little drama, which ought to be showing up on Lifetime or Oxygen very soon.

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