By Mark Bell | July 5, 2013

Nic (Nic Bambrough) is a busy man. So busy that he doesn’t pay attention to where he is walking, colliding with Daniel (Daniel Beylerian). On the way to celebrate his daughter’s birthday, Daniel chides Nic for being so distracted. When Nic admits that he’s too busy for even his own kids, let alone worrying about someone else’s, Daniel drags Nic along to show him why that attitude needs to change.

Joel George‘s A Short Story has a singular message, about appreciating life and those around us, because we never know when life will end. Much like the film itself, it’s a short, straightforward point. And, once made, the film wraps up, totaling less than five minutes in running time.

Which is, in some ways, a clever way to take into account the lack of time in a busy schedule to make a point about making time in a busy schedule. Likewise, it keeps the film from becoming too preachy. Even if you find the delivery of the message too nail-on-the-head for your liking, at least it’s done in less than five minutes.

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