By Film Threat Staff | July 6, 2006

In the tradition of organizations like Women in Film, Pretty-Scary.net launches the first Organization for Women working in the horror film industry! www.Pretty-Scary.net was created in 2004 as a horror website that promotes the projects of female filmmakers, actresses, writers, and artists. Since then its membership has grown and many members feel a need to start an actual professional organization with a goal: to make it easier for women to get jobs in the horror film industry.

This Organization Membership will be open to males and females, but will work to promote female job and networking opportunities in the horror entertainment business.

“We want to create a place where women working in horror films feel that they have a support group,” says Organization co-founder and editor of www.pretty-scary.net’s news website Heidi Martinuzzi. “Getting a real job in the entertainment business period is tough. Any association that specifically reaches out to women in horror can only help give them a better chance of succeeding!”

“If we can help by networking these women,” agrees Organization and website co-founder Amy Lynn Best, “and making them realize that there are other women out there who might be having the same problems, and then, hopefully, giving them a way to overcome these problems. Then we’ve done what we’ve set out to do!”

You don’t have to be a member of the Organization to be a member of Pretty/Scary, but you do have to be a registered member of the www.pretty-scary.net website community to join the Organization. Membership fees in the Organization are $15.00 (US) a year, and membership gains you access to networking events, mentoring programs, assistance, and Pretty/Scary events. Plus, if you are a female, and work in the horror film industry, membership makes you eligible to be listed in the Pretty/Scary Database of Female Professionals in Horror Films! The database includes listings of qualified actresses, producers, FX artists, cinematographers, still photographers, graphic artists, directors, composers, and journalists working in the horror business professionally. You can check out the rules of joining here. Absolutely all membership fees go to promoting women in horror and funding Pretty/Scary events that nurture growth, networking, and strength of Women in Horror.

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