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By Film Threat Staff | May 28, 2004

Margaret Cho’s new live stand-up film, “Revolution,” will premiere during Sundance Channel’s 6th annual “Out Loud” celebration, June 19th at 9:00pm. The film is the centerpiece of this year’s “Out Loud” event, when a GLBT (gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender) themed film will air every Monday night at 9:00pm as part of DOCday and every day in June at various times. Joining “Revolution” in the “Out Loud” lineup is a wide selection of narrative features, documentaries and shorts about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender life.
Directed, produced and edited by Lorene Machado, “Revolution” finds Margaret Cho tackling a range of topics with the same acerbic, no-holds-barred humor that has made her a comedy phenomenon and the hero of the GLBT community. Frequently using her life as raw material, she holds forth on everything from the Bush administration to the entertainment offerings of Thailand’s red light district; from the functional flaws of a certain diet plan to a theologian’s highly specific interpretation of gay love. Revolution was filmed live at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles during Cho’s critically acclaimed, sold-out 2003 national tour.
“Out Loud” narrative feature premieres include:
June 3rd at 9:00pm ^ Gasoline (U.S. Television Premiere) – Directed by Monica Stambrini. A sexy, edgy Italian road movie about Stella (Maya Sansa) and Lenni (Regina Orioli), lesbian lovers who go on the lam after an argument with Lenni’s mother leads to a fatal accident.

June 4th at 8:00pm ^ The Lawless Heart (U.S. Television Premiere) – Directed by Tom Hunsinger and Neil Hunter. The sudden death of a gay restaurateur leads three men – his lover, his brother-in-law and his footloose old friend – to reconsider their lives. Funny and poignant, this much-acclaimed British film stars Bill Nighy (Love Actually), Tom Hollander (Gosford Park) and Douglas Henshall.

June 8th at 10:00pm ^ Zus and Zo (U.S. Television Premiere) – Directed by Paula van der Oest. Nominated for the Best Foreign Film at the 2003 Academy Awards®, this Dutch comedy follows the efforts of three sisters who are determined to prevent their gay brother’s marriage to a woman – which would entitle him to sole ownership of the family’s seaside hotel in Portugal.

June 9th at 9:00pm ^ Hush! (U.S. Television Premiere) – Directed by Ryosuke Hashiguchi. Balancing droll humor with insightful drama, this Japanese film follows the travails of a young gay couple and a socially maladroit young woman as they consider starting a family together.

June 16th at 9:00pm ^ Soldier’s Girl (Sundance Channel Premiere) – Directed by Frank Pierson. Based on a true story, this sensitive, exquisitely acted drama chronicles the tragic love affair between Private Barry Winchell (Troy Garity, Barbershop) and transgendered nightclub performer Calpernia Addams (Lee Pace). Sean Hatosy (The Cooler) co-stars as Garity’s terrifyingly volatile roommate. Winner of a 2004 Peabody Award.

June 18th at 8:00pm ^ His Secret Life (U.S. Television Premiere) – Directed by Ferzan Ozpetek. After her beloved husband is killed in a traffic accident, an Italian woman (Margherita Buy) learns that he led a double life with a gay lover (Stefano Accorsi). Her discovery leads to an unlikely friendship, and more. From the director of Steam: The Turkish Bath.

June 24th at 8:30pm ^ Go Fish (Sundance Channel Premiere) – Directed by Rose Troche. Opposites attract in Troche’s wonderfully lived-in romantic comedy about the extroverted Max (co-writer Guinevere Turner) and reserved Ely (V.S. Brodie), who are fixed up by mutual friends.

“Out Loud” documentary premieres include:

June 7th at 9:00pm ^ Garden (U.S. Television Premiere) – Directed by Adi Barash, Ruthie Shatz. Garden follows a year in the lives of Nino and Dudu, teenagers who fled abusive households and now work as male prostitutes in the “electricity garden” in downtown Tel-Aviv. Their bleak prospects are further complicated by their nationalities: Nino is Palestinian and Dudu is Arab-Israeli.

June 14th at 9:00pm ^ The Tasty Bust Reunion (U.S. Television Premiere) – Directed by Stephen MacLean. A stylish and triumphant look back on events surrounding the 1994 police raid on the “Tasty,” a queer dance club in Melbourne, Australia where 463 patrons were lined up and strip-searched at gunpoint. But clubsters fought back, leading to a landmark lawsuit.

June 15th at 11:15pm ^ Wigstock: The Movie (Sundance Channel Premiere) – Directed by Barry Shils. New York’s reigning outdoor drag ball – a joyous extravaganza of music, performance and sky-high wigs – hits the big screen. Performers include Lypsinka, Deee-Lite and the Dueling Bankheads, performing “Born to Be Wild” as only Talullah(s) can.

June 21st at 9:00pm ^ Our House: A Very Real Documentary About Kids of Gay and Lesbian Parents (Sundance Channel Premiere) – Directed by Meema Spadola. A frank examination of what it means to grow up with gay or lesbian parents, Our House profiles children in five families who are facing the usual ups and downs of family life while encountering varied reactions from extended family, classmates, teachers, neighbors, and public officials.

June 21st at 10:00pm ^ No Secret Anymore: The Times of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon (U.S. Television Premiere) – Directed by Joan Biren. Known as the founders of the modern lesbian civil rights movement, Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon launched the first public organization for lesbians in 1955. The film chronicles the lives of these two women, who have been both partners in love and political activism for 50 years.

June 28th at 9:00pm ^ Yves St. Laurent: 5 Avenue Marceau 75116 Paris (U.S. Television Premiere) – Directed by David Teboul. Offering a fascinating glimpse of what goes on behind the closed doors of an haute couture house, Teboul chronicles the creation of the final women’s collection by the legendary fashion designer Yves St. Laurent.

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