The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recently announced that on-line films would not be considered for Oscars come nomination time. This decision has many in the film community, including we here at Film Threat, more than a little miffed. Read what the President of the American Federation of Film Producers has to say about it…
Reading about your recent decision to disqualify on-line films from Oscar contention has made quite a few of my members – uneasy – to say the least. Surely, as this rule was just passed, there must be a clause in place to address the content already in cyber territory with aspirations of an Academy run. While the AMPAS decision ‘makes sense’ when compared to a television territory, the fact remains that this will affect thousands of film makers – with quality films – and their deserved shot at film’s highest compliment. I urge AMPAS to recognize these films already online, and put forth a loop hole in your ruling that states that if the content had already been online, that the project should be taken off the internet immediately in order to contend for an Oscar. I thank you for your time in addressing this urgent issue.
Brent Roske ^ President ^ American Federation of Film Producers ^ [ www.FilmFederation.com ] ^

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