By Eric Campos | December 23, 2004

“A Gothic Romance”, because gothic people need romantic comedies, too.

Well, it’s a romantic comedy with a dark twist and by dark twist I mean that most everybody in the film wears a lot of black and worships David Lynch. Besides that, the story pretty much remains the same as innocent chump meets naughty goth girl, creating a match made in dark, velvety hell. Actually, our goth chick just uses up this poor chump who’s just happy that he’s getting laid. She uses and abuses the poor guy while another girl, someone whose obviously more suitable for him, watches her best friend wade through this torturous relationship. Will our chump wise up and realize what’s good for him? Not before getting the crap knocked out of him he won’t.

“A Gothic Romance” is filled with better than decent performances that’ll keep one’s attention and the film on a whole is rather cute.

Ewww, I said cute.

Gothics, your indie tale of romance is finally here.

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