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By Amy R. Handler | May 22, 2013

A lone driver, and a soaked-to-the-skin young pretty, spells sure disaster one dark and stormy night. But just who’s the monster in this 22-minute flick?

Mike Moring’s newest short, A Certain Kind of Monster, features two characters: Beth and Ben. The time is the present (perhaps), and the weather conditions are inclement, with visibility questionable. Still, Ben does manage to see young Beth making her way through the storm, along the muddy road, and asks if she needs a ride.

A typical teenage girl, with all the ennui that defines this, Beth’s face lacks any type of animation and she speaks in in one word monotone. Of course, Beth’s demeanor could be due to her current plight—fighting the elements and all—but keep reading…

Anyway, Ben appears to be a great guy. He doesn’t look the least bit weird, and he seems to be the perfect gentleman, even when he invites the poor waif to his home because she’s not traveling anywhere in particular, has no family, and really has no place to go.

At Ben’s place, everything’s copacetic—-Ben makes no sudden moves—both bare their gloomy souls, drink Coke, and go to sleep. But right before Ben and Beth retire to their respective beds, Ben assures his guest that she should consider his home hers, with no strings attached, for as long as forever. Hmmm…

Uh-oh… Beth is at Ben’s bedside, and it’s not morning. Do you think you’ve figured out Moring’s enticing tale? Maybe, or maybe not, but I’ll never tell…

The plot in A Certain Kind of Monster appears to be the norm these days, but in spite of this, Mike Moring handles his tale deftly, so that suspense is always high and unwavering. This, of course, keeps our attention constant, even when we clearly see where the story’s heading, and its outcome.

My only gripe, in this otherwise superb film, is that graphics are off the charts in terms of blood and gore, so beware of this, and please don’t bring the kids.

As for the final storyline-outcome in A Certain Kind of Monster, it’s ambiguous to say the least. And that’s what separates Mike Moring from other filmmakers of his ilk. As of this moment, I can say with the utmost certainty, that we’ll be hearing much more from this filmmaker in the very near future.

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