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By Brad Wilke | November 23, 2008

Craig (Ric Maddox) and Angel (Luis Bordonada) are two friends that decide to open a bakery together. Everything is going swimmingly until, late one night, Lacy (Shasta Lusk) walks through their door and changes everything. And so begins “A Bakery Story”, a new short written and directed by Matt Bizer.

You see, Craig has a crush on Angel, but Angel has the hots for Lacy. Craig is not happy about this and decides to do something about it. So he kills Lacy by suffocating her with a big lump of dough (it’s actually not as much fun as it sounds…). But Angel gets suspicious, so Craig has to kill him, too. And then Craig leaves town.

Where to begin with this one…

First of all, the production sound is so awful in some scenes that occasionally it is not possible to understand the dialogue. The acting is decent, but in a potboiler like this, it needs to be a lot better to keep the audience engaged. It was very difficult to scrounge up any sympathy for these characters, even when they were meeting their untimely deaths in the back of the bakery. If it doesn’t engage the audience, the movie is just going through the motions, so why even bother to tell the story?

You’d think that with a homo/hetero love triangle, death by bread dough and cookies made with a “secret” ingredient you’d be engrossed from the start and unable to tear your eyes from the screen, right? Not so much, actually. Which is a shame, because that’s what I always hope for whenever I pop one of these dvds into the machine.

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