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By Film Threat Staff | August 8, 2000

Group 101 didn’t want to be slaves to the Hollywood powers-that-be in order to exercise creative control over their projects, so they rallied the troops and formed a collective. The Group is “committed to making one short film per month regardless of work schedules, inconveniences, lack of budgets, or general whining, however dramatic the particular whine might be.”
Through the utilization of shiny new technologies like Mini Digital Video and Final Cut Pro on the iMac, and the humbling realities of conceiving, writing, casting, rehearsing, shooting, and editing within a four week period with absolutely no funds whatsoever and little or no crew, while also maintaining our working careers which alone tend to swallow whole their lives on a regular basis, Group 101 embraces the reality of doing it again and again and again, every month.
For info on the group, and their first screening, go to [ ]

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