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By Mark Bell | September 21, 2012

This review was originally published on August 11, 2012…

As Joey Ciccoline’s short film 88:88 unfolds, we see a woman frantically securing her apartment. At first it isn’t clear why: is she trying to keep someone or something out, or keep someone or something from getting out. Around the time she adds chains to the bed and secures the bed posts to the floor, you really start to question what’s going on.

I don’t want to give anything away, except that whatever you’re likely thinking that this film is about, is probably wrong. Or at least not exactly right. What I will say is that the film builds to something, and it doesn’t disappoint when it gets there. I don’t know that it necessarily explains everything either but it is one hell of a ride in the meantime.

88:88 is an intense short thriller that lets the urgency and ambiguity of the lead’s action carry all the suspense in exceptional fashion. When it was all over, I wanted to see more, wanted to know more about what had just happened. Hopefully Ciccoline will expand upon this story with a larger tale, or bring us more short films in a similar vein.

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