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By Michael Ferraro | May 30, 2007

The world of video rental service hasn’t quite been the same since Netflix introduced their service, which involves red envelopes arriving in your mail box complete with a DVD inside, and the world is better off for it.

One of the oddest things about this service, and I am sure many members can attest to this, is that sometimes a film will end up in your queue that you have no idea how it got there. Or even why it’s there. What were you thinking?

Netflix allows you to have up to 500 films in your rental queue at any given time. Since I became a member, back in June if 2004, my queue has been full to the brim. Every time they send me something, I add another title. Cruising through the selections, there are some films I have no real interest in seeing and have no idea how they made it in there in the first place.


5. Eragon (Stefen Fangmeier, 2006)

Pete Vonder Haar (and every other critic really) called this film “laughably bad,” but somehow it ended up in my queue at number 478.

4. Basic Instinct 2 (Michael Canton-Jones, 2006)

I barely remember the first one, let alone have interest in seeing this one. But there it sits, at number 475, just waiting to enter my mailbox. I can’t fathom why anything that may have Sharon Stone appearing naked would end up in anything of mine.

3. Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (Irwin Allen, 1979)

I’m not a big fan of the original. I didn’t like the remake all that much (though Kurt Russell’s death scene is one of the best I’ve ever seen). So why would this crappy sequel be at number 442 in my queue? Maybe because Kojak is in it…?

2. The Island of Dr. Moreau (John Frankenheimer, 1996)

While I am an old school Frankenheimer fan, nothing about the advertisements of this film (or the publicity it got) made me the least bit curious about how well HG Wells’ fantastic book would translate to screen. Fast-forward a decade, when Steven Spielberg anally raped War of the Worlds, my curiosity for proper Wells adaptations drowned like Charlie in Lost.

1. In The Cut (Jane Campion, 2003)

Am I the only one who thinks Meg Ryan is kind of hot? When I heard she was doing a film where she would bare us her all, I couldn’t help but be a bit curious. But now, after I’ve heard nothing but awful things, I have no interest whatsoever to see her bits.

Some things are just better off left to the imagination.

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  1. Don Lewis says:

    I saw ERAGON and it was fine. A-typical heroes journey stuff but aimed at smaller kids.

  2. Lolly says:

    So much hair?

  3. Dave Lawler says:

    Eragon is already out?

    Out of all those, I’d say In the Cut is worth a look. I liked it, mainly for the color, photography, and understated performances.

  4. mat g. says:

    Mikey you need to have more Rambo in there. Maybe some Nighthawk.

  5. Professor Tom says:

    This is why I go to the theater, rent and on the very rare occasion download.

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