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By Brian Bertoldo | November 1, 1999

A dialogue-driven piece taking place in the confines of a late night diner, where two people who share much in common miss out on what could have been the romantic opportunity of a life time.
The film focuses primarily on a diner patron who comes in at 4 am each night, leaving his girlfriend in bed for a smoke, some coffee and a hamburger. As he talks with the counterman, who in this case is more like the stereotypical bartender, he discovers that his relationship has soured. Enter a beautiful young woman who shares the same love of late night diners, smoking and hamburgers. As the counterman and a newspaper stealing patron talk to each one, trying to set them up, we discover that each share the same fear of rejection. In the end though, neither has the courage to take a chance at an opportunity which could have changed the course of their lives.
Drawing upon the difficulties of meeting the right person in today’s dating game, 4am Open All Night attempts to deconstruct the cynicism felt by many to reveal a portrait of what could be. A fine short film posing insightful and relevant questions about the quest to meet that perfect person.

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