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By Eric Campos | May 6, 2004

This shot on film short comically details the hell that must be the life of a pizza delivery person. We follow this kid around as he’s sent into the “hell hole” that is the Santa Clarita Valley. Our hero goes up against dangerous trailer park trash, racist cops and a murderous cult as he tries to simply deliver some pizzas to the land that bore Magic Mountain and CalArts. That’s about all that place is worth.
As funny as the Santa Clarita jokes are to me, due to my living there for about five years, as well the Mr. T reference and the zombified Walt Disney, I didn’t get a major kick out of this film. The bulk of the short is made up of half-baked jokes just thrown together, making for a finished product that isn’t very funny in the end. This is a classic example of that it’s more important to have a good sense of comic timing, than it is to just simply know about funny topics. Mr. T and a living dead Walt Disney are funny, but in this film, their appeal is watered down by the filmmakers’ ham-handed attempt at comedy.

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