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By Phil Hall | April 12, 2006

This dizzy 1964 obscurity is about a trio of neurotic people – a stripper, a male model and an alcoholic car salesman – who share a home in Beverly Hills. They all feel they need psychiatric care, but they cannot afford to pay for a shrink. Instead, they pool their resources and hire an unemployed actor to represent them at the psychiatrist’s office. The actor spends his hourly session relating each of the trio’s neuroses in 20-minute intervals. The psychiatrist mistakenly believes the actor suffers from multiple personalities and arranges to have his sessions broadcast to medical professionals via close-circuit TV. But a glitch in the broadcast center sends the program out to all national TV networks, creating a scandalous sensation.

Is this film dumb? You bet – it even switches between black-and-white and color with no rhyme or reason. But it is funny in a nicely stupid way, with some genuinely amusing performances including Tommy Noonan as the actor and T.C. Jones as the psychiatrist’s effeminate male secretary. Mamie Van Doren plays the stripper and she’s quite the dish – sexy, sassy, and she even indulges in a bit of a nipple display during a bathing sequence. Tits ahoy, Mamie!

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