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By Eric Campos | January 9, 2008

“3 Fuckin’ Creepy A*s Shorts” would have been a better, more accurately descriptive, title for this DVD, but the current “3 Dead Girls” works just fine, too. This DVD contains three shorts from filmmaker Christopher Alan Broadstone, all of which you’ve read about here at Film Threat and one which we programmed as a part of the Hollywood Film Festival.

My Skin is a highly stylized film about Death’s devious little plan to deal with a murderer who is butting in on his business. Human No More finds a detective locked away in a basement, struggling with a murder case – a little too pretentious for my tastes, but still pretty to look at if you like the darker stuff. And then there’s the notorious Scream for Me, which screened at the Hollywood Film Festival a few years ago – man on man rape has never been so entertaining.

Accompanying these three shorts are behind-the-scenes featurettes and several commentaries for each short. Normally more than one commentary track for a short film would be a bit excessive, but in this case it’s more than welcome and this is why – Broadstone is a REAL filmmaker. Standing apart from people who call themselves filmmakers merely because they can point a camera in any one general direction, Broadstone understands production value, he understands that movies are meant to be an experience and that a filmmaker’s job is to do the best on his end to pull a viewer into the experience he’s creating. In the many commentary tracks found on this DVD, Broadstone, sometimes accompanied by cast and other guests, goes into great detail on what it took to make these films and it’s obviously clear that he loves and cares for his craft. Wise filmmakers-to-be would be at a great advantage by checking out what Broadstone has to say.

A feature’s length of wild shorts and a thorough lesson on filmmaking. I highly recommend this DVD.

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