The 2012 Flyway Film Festival, running October 18-21, 2012, in Pepin and Stockholm, Wisconsin, has announced the official selections for this year’s event. From the official press release:

Today, the Flyway Film Festival officially announced the official selections for the 2012 Flyway Film Festival. The Festival will run from Thursday, October 18 to Sunday, October 21 in Pepin and Stockholm, Wisconsin at the Lake Pepin Art & Design Center and the Widespot Performing Arts Center. Now in its fifth year, the Festival has gained a reputation as a world-class event, showcasing the best in new local, regional, and international film and providing the movie-loving public with access to critically acclaimed filmmakers and film industry professionals from around the world.

The 2012 Flyway Film Festival will screen over 35 feature films and shorts, representing 5 countries. This year, the Festival received more than 850 submissions from filmmakers around the world, an increase from 2011.

“Even thought this is our fifth year, it’s really a different Festival each time. The quality of entries was amazing this year and our advertising has never better,” said Executive Director Rick Vaicius. With the help of a 2012 Joint Effort Marketing (JEM) Grant from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism and Bolster Creative, Twin Cities Comcast watchers will soon see the 2012 Festival ad spots airing on a variety of channels.

Journey to Planet X will kick off the Festival on October 18 at the Widespot Performing Arts Center in Stockholm. Directed by Myles Kane and Josh Khoury, this documentary follows friends and scientists-by-day/amateur-filmmakers-by-night Eric Swain and Troy Bernier during the trials and tribulations of making of their most ambitious sci-fi endeavor to date and sheds light on their unique brand of “movie magic.” This feature is paired with Dinner at the Lake, a community short film project of the Flyway Film Festival. Directors Louis Fisher (Stockholm, WI) and Griffin Larson (Minneapolis, MN) bring to life an ominous little tale by celebrated mystery author Mary Logue with a cast comprised of talented residents from along Lake Pepin’s eastern shore.

In addition, the Festival will host an exclusive “Friday Night Shorts” screening at the Lake Pepin Art & Design Center that will include Damian Horan’s acclaimed student film, Children of the Air (USA), as well as offerings from Flyway alumni John Roberts (The Wheel – Wisconsin, USA), Jay Cheel (The Politics of Competitive Board Gaming Amongst Friends – Ontario, Canada), and Phillipe Lupien and Vincent Ethier (Punchy & Toothpick – Montreal, Canada), among other selections.

All are welcome to attend the free, family-friendly Kids Shorts programming block screening on Saturday morning at the Lake Pepin Art & Design Center.

The politically timely mockumentary Janeane From Des Moines will close the Festival on October 21 at the Widespot Performing Arts Center. Directed by Grace Lee, native of Missouri, Janeane takes her audience on a journey with an “ordinary” woman who offers us an insider’s look at the American heartland’s ultra-right-wing movement.

Opening Night Film:

  • Journey to Planet X, Myles Kane and Josh Khoury (USA)
    • With Dinner at the Lake, Louis Fisher (Wisconsin) and Griffin Larson (Minnesota)

Closing Night Film:

  • Janeane From Des Moines, Grace Lee (USA)
    • With Man on the Bluff, Ben Vinar (USA)

Friday Night Shorts:

  • Vivienne Again, Kim Garland (USA)
  • The Wheel, John Roberts (USA)
  • Children of the Air, Damian Horan (USA)
  • Punchy and Toothpick, Philippe Lupien and Vincent Ethier (Canada)
  • Happy Voodoo, Jenny Goddard (USA)
  • Looking Past You, Jennifer Kramer (USA)
  • The Politics of Competitive Board Gaming Amongst Friends, Jay Cheel (Canada)

Wisconsin/Minnesota Showcase:

  • The Wheel, John Roberts (Wisconsin)
  • Looking Past You, Jennifer Kramer (Minnesota)


  • Kids Shorts, Various Free Admission


  • The Price of Sand, Jim Tittle (USA) Screening as a Work in Progress
  • Last Day at Lambeau, Michael Neelson (USA)
  • We’re Not Broke, Karin Hayes and Victoria Bruce (USA)
  • As Goes Janesville, Brad Lichtenstein (USA)
    • With Invested: The Story of Three Youth Social Entrepreneurs, Dawn Mikkelson (USA)
  • Dreams of a Life, Carol Morley (UK)
  • Plimpton, Tome Bean and Luke Poling (USA)
  • Janeane From Des Moines, Grace Lee (USA)
    • With Man on the Bluff, Ben Vinar (USA)


    • Teddy Bear, Mads Matthiesen (Denmark) Not For Children
    • Marvin, Seth, Stanley, Steven Gurewitz (USA)
      • With Bridges, Chris Bell (USA)
    • How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song, Gary King (USA)
    • Red Flag, Alex Karpovsky (USA)
      • With Crush, Rebecca Pugh (USA)
    • Caroline and Jackie, Adam Christian Clark (USA)
      • With Hellion, Kat Candler (USA)
    • L.A. Comedy Shorts Programming Block, Various (USA)
    • Supporting Characters, Daniel Schechter (USA)
    • La Sirga, William Vega (Columbia)
    • Pilgrim Song, Martha Stephens (USA)
    • Now Forager, Jason Cortlund and Julia Halperin (USA)
      • With Planet X: The Frozen Moon, Troy Bernier and Eric Swain (USA)
    • The Sound of Small Things, Peter McLarnan (USA)
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