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By Mark Bell | June 12, 2007

The first five days of the 2007 CineVegas Film Festival went fast, with Don Lewis and I soaking in every aspect of the festival we could. We’ve interviewed Carrot Top on the red carpet, endured racist cabdrivers, enjoyed a “Living Wake” and sat heartbroken during “My Name is Bruce.” We’ve eaten hor d’oeuvres next to sharks, inhaled Coors Light like it was Coors Light and sampled cans of oxygen. Could there really be more festival left? Yes, another glorious five days worth. So, with the festival already halfway done, I’m going to take this opportunity to look back at the films, blogs and Vegas fun from the first five days…

Despite our constant appearance at parties or the food court, Film Threat is in town to see movies, and see movies we’ve done. Five days in, here’s the reviews:
“Aftermath on Meadowlark Lane”
“The Caress of the Creature”
“Choose Connor”
“The Devil Came on Horseback”
“The Grand”
“The Hunter”
“The Living Wake”
“Loren Cass”
“Ocean’s Thirteen”

If you want our more candid opinions of CineVegas and a day-by-day accounting of our debauchery, the Film Threat Blogs are the place to look. To make things easier for you now, however, here’s all the 2007 CineVegas blog entries thus far:
Mark & Don…On the Loose at Cinevega$!!!
It’s true, Cinevegas looms…
You will believe a man could CineVegas…
2007 CineVegas Opening Night is in the books…
Sharks and beers… again…
We’ve got Zellner…
Fun at the “Living Wake”…
My Name is… not so hot…

One of the joys of film festivals is getting to meet all the different filmmakers. Unfortunately, every great conversation can’t be transcribed nor taped, but here’s a few video and text accountings to check out:
2007 CineVegas: Film Threat’s Red Carpet Adventure
Hunting “The Hunter” Interview with Director Ben Gray

The rest of the week will continue the CineVegas insanity, and I’m happy to say that the festival isn’t front-loaded with quality films, isn’t back-loaded with quality films but FULLY-loaded with quality films. Every day has the prospect of a gem to be seen, so I can’t wait. Don has to leave now, but Jamie Tipps will be picking up the remaining review and reporting duties with me, so the coverage continues. More all-night bowling, celebrity appearances, reviews, interviews, video and blogs to come!

– Mark Bell, Editor-in-a-Festival Daze

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