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By Film Threat Staff | September 26, 2007

The 2007 48 Hour Film Festival makes its annual return to the Arclight Cinemas this Thursday, September 27, 2007, at 8pm. The short films from the competition will screen in front of fellow actors and directors, critics, agents and film enthusiasts. Attending will be representatives from the Digital Artist’s Agency, the production team from “On The Lot” and Film Threat’s own Editor-in-Chief, Mark Bell.

After the screening, Extreme Filmmaker takes over the balcony lounge and has a party like no other, where the filmmakers are encouraged to schmooze and connect, touch base and plan for the future.

And now, the program for the 2007 48 Hour Film Festival:

“Swappin’ Heads”
By Greg Benson
Is about an exciting new medical procedure.

By Erik Espera and Ryan Todd
Answers the chilling question: How far will you go?

“Man Alive”
By Jim Menza
Is a short film about a bar, a man, a woman and the ultimate answer to a pick-up line.

“Not So Undercover”
By Karen Agnes and Jody Cosgrove-Kao
Is the exciting adventures of two not too bright female cop partners and their battle against crime.

By William Kallay
A horror short about two girls renting an apartment with a haunting past.

“The Donation”
By Howie Askins, Paula Rhodes and Scott Davis
Is about a woman, a donor, and how their worlds collide.

By Kari Nissena
Relationships, autism, sex and obsessions.

“Sin Hurts”
By Nate White and Daniel Wall
The consequences of the deadly sins play out.

By Craig Kuehne
What does a fearless agent and terrorist -hunter do when he gets some time off?

“To Has Been or Not To Has Been”
By Johnny G and Rhonda Vision
Is almost the comeback story of an Almost Was.

“The 2nd”
By Nolan Mueller
A cop’s past catches up with him.

By Fearful Symmetry Films
An action/crime short.

There will also be a screening of the short “Digital Grunt,” the insightful documentary film shining a light into the mysteries of Computer Generated Imagery and Special Effects by Chris Norpchen, Karl Denham and Daniel Thron of Digital Domain.

The Extreme Filmmaker 48 Hour Film Festival was founded in 2002 in Hollywood. Some visual effects artists were discussing how things would be different when they made their own films. The participants realized something:

They’d been having the same conversation for years, and in that time, not one of them had made a film of their own.

So the challenge went up – take the camera on Friday, and return on Monday with the best film you could make in two days.

From those humble beginnings, the shorts now screen annually at the spectacular Arclight Cinema in Hollywood. Hundreds of fans attend along with various Hollywood celebrities, directors, agents and producers who come to see the films from all over the country – even all over the world.

The ONLY real rules, besides filling out the forms, are to make the BEST movie you can in two days. Writing, casting and set building are all outside the time frame, but once the camera starts rolling, the film has to be edited and finished within 48 hours.

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