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By Mark Bell | May 25, 2006

With the 2006 summer movie season already in motion, after the release of such predicted box office winners like Mission: Impossible III and The Da Vinci Code, it only seemed fitting to give a preview of the rest of the upcoming crop of films. Unlike most summer previews, however, Film Threat’s Mark Bell is going audio/visual, focusing on the trailers and letting you watch them right before he tells you how he feels about them…


X-Men: The Last Stand

With all the talk of Brett Ratner ruining the franchise, folks seem to forget that the trailer is actually pretty cool. From the Juggernaut’s S&M gear for the big & tall to Jean Grey’s transformation into Dark Phoenix, there’s bound to be something solid to grasp onto… right?


The Break-Up

Ah, yes, the obligatory “battle of the sexes” summer flick. I’m willing to bet money that the bowling team expulsion scene is the funniest part of the whole flick, because that Lionel Ritchie joke was weak sauce.

The Omen

His day will come? His day came a very long time ago, spawned a couple sequels and by all intents and purposes, shouldn’t be back this summer or any other, regardless of the number of natural disasters or wars going on.


I’m glad they remind us about Finding Nemo and The Incredibles at the beginning, because I’m more likely to watch those again then go see this one. It does look like it’d make a fun videogame though…

Nacho Libre

The gang behind Napoleon Dynamite and Jack Black together!?! Mexican wrestling!?! A fat kid that steals the whole trailer with his silent reactions!?! I’m there, dammit, take it to the next level and take my money!!!

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