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By Mark Bell | November 27, 2006

Week Two of December 2006 offered up more traditional romantic comedy and children’s flick fare, but where are the Oscar contenders? This week?

DECEMBER 15, 2006

Charlotte’s Web

Salutations! It’s Dakota Fanning in the live-action adaptation of the popular children’s book about Wilbur the pig and his spider-friend, Charlotte. Steve Buscemi as Templeton the Rat? Okay, I’m there, and then I’m going for another replay of the animated film from the 80’s, just so all the bases are covered.


While I’ve never read the books, and this appears to be yet another film about a “Chosen One,” any flick with both John Malkovich AND Jeremy Irons is worth checking out. I hope there’s at least five minutes where the two of them just sneer at each other and then say something all sinister-like.

The Good German

George Clooney. Black and White. 1940’s period piece. Awards season. It’s like a mathematical equation at this point…

Pursuit of Happyness

I’m going to see this film just to find out why they feel spelling “happiness” with a “y” is appropriate. On top of that, it does look like the type of film that will move Will Smith into the Academy Award dance in earnest, and why not support the Fresh Prince?

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