The 2002 Tromadance Film Festival screened the wildest and weirdest movies in Park City. Tromdance attracted its usual collection of misfits, weirdos, wackos and disenfranchised filmmakers. Shockingly, the line-up of films at Tromadance included the best horror, sci-fi, schlock, comedies and bizarre movies screened in Park City. Park City? Hell, the entire state of Utah! We were all honestly amazed that some of the most innovative work played at Lloyd Kaufman’s annual event. Kudos to the Troma minions who put together not only a solid line-up of films that were entertaining as hell, but a screening venue that allowed one to order a cocktail.
Here’s a round-up of Tromadance reviews on FilmThreat.com: ^ 30 Minutes Or Less directed by Scott Pearlman, Jay Pascua & Matt Van Gelder ^ Arrowhead Beer directed by Jeff Bacon ^ Azole Dkmuntch directed by Jon Vara ^ Battleship Contempkin directed by Chris Brown ^ A Boy and His Fetus directed by Jon Vara ^ The Confetti Brothers directed by Kirker Butler ^ Dead Guy directed by Jason Moran ^ Donut Love directed by David Wilson ^ Earth Day directed by Michiko Byers, Meredith Casey ^ Extreme Man and Insane Boy directed by Webster Colcord ^ E=MC3 directed by Jean Bodon ^ Fly Me to the Moon directed by Tom Vitorino ^ Going For The Old directed by Larry Getlen ^ Gunther and Hans directed by Ken Perko ^ How To Extract Cranial Fluids directed by Blake Myers ^ Kevin Maher Showcase directed by Eric Vitner ^ Last Stop Station directed by Andy Kumpon ^ Lethal Force directed by Alvin Ecarma ^ L’Ilya directed by Tomoya Sato ^ Midget Nun directed by Joey Coppa ^ Off directed by Tyler Polhemus ^ Phoenix directed by Steve Bordelon ^ Rapid Eye Movement directed by Anthony John Pietro ^ The Real Spider-Man: The Making of the Green Goblin’s Last Stand directed by Dan Poole ^ Robot Bastard directed by Rob Schrab ^ Sabu: Good-bye Their Youth directed by Tomoko Matsunashi ^ Safety With Scissors directed by Michelle Osorio ^ Schneider’s 2nd Stage directed by Phil Stoole ^ Silas and Mange ^ Something About Stiller ^ Sweet Dreams directed by Sergei Davidoff ^ Tasty directed by Chad Cardin ^ Temporary Hell directed by Melanie Ashely ^ The Terror of the Invisible Man directed by Adam Roffman, Wayne Kimball ^ Terrore directed by Izabel Grondin ^ Timmy’s Wish directed by Patrick Cannon ^ Trailer: The Movie directed by Douglas Horn ^ The Truth About Beef Jerky directed by T. Hunter McCann ^ The Tunnel directed by Ramzi Abed ^ Undisciplined directed by Gym Jones ^ Whipsmart directed by Katy Bergeron ^ Zebadiah the Anthropophagus directed by Miles Finlayson
Film Threat Tromadance Favorites: Undisciplined directed by Gym Jones, The Real Spider-Man: The Making of the Green Goblin’s Last Stand directed by Dan Poole and Robot Bastard directed by Rob Schrab.
Note to Filmmakers: If your film did not receive a review in our Tromadance 2002 round up, please just send us a copy on video and we will be sure to get it covered on the site. Also, please send us photos from your film in the form of JPEGs so that we may add them to your review. ^ Your pals at Film Threat
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