It’s a film about a stuttering boxer who goes on a journey of self-awareness that’s also geared to pry the inner-demons out of it’s audience and banish them…successfully. This is some serious Max Maven s**t.

Lou is a powerful boxer whose promising career gets flushed down the shitter after he sustains a head injury. Another blow to the dome and this guy could wind up thinking he’s a bowl of Jello for the rest of his life. So, the only way he can remain in the world of boxing is if he becomes a trainer…but then there’s that gnarly stutter that grows worse under pressure, so that plan follows his boxing career right down the shitter as well. Lou is forced to hit the streets to find any job he can to support himself while he searches for some way to rid himself of this crippling stutter.

Bret Carr directs and also stars in the film as Lou Benedetti. Playing Lou, Carr gives birth to a wide-eyed, passionate character that will go to any length to achieve his goal, much like the filmmaker himself. Lou’s a bit much to handle at first – he’s super hyper like he’s been eating Frosted Crack Flakes for breakfast and then of course there’s the ever present stutter. But after awhile, the guy’s energy grows on you and besides, you can’t really knock a guy for having a stutter, that’s like giving Rocky Dennis s**t for looking funny.

As a filmmaker, Carr creates a warmly funny and overall touching piece that will quite possibly have audience members looking deep within themselves to exorcise those demons that are holding them back from being all that they can be.

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