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By Allen White | January 18, 1999

When using a party on the Millennial New Year’s Eve as a metaphor for humanity, what defining trait should the main character possess? Indecision, naturally. This is the lot of Rufus Wild (Dan Futterman), who spends the night trying to decide if he really loves his girlfriend–not my idea of a great character goal.
The film avoids discussion of major subjects of midnight, year 2000, such as the Y2K bug, apocalyptic cults, economic collapse, or drunk a******s partying until dawn in the apartment above yours, and instead focuses on the shallow anxieties of a group of 30-year-old whiners, so indecisive that they can’t even commit suicide correctly.
Supposedly psychedelic fruit is introduced as some kind of plot device, and although consumed by most of the major characters, doesn’t seem to do much of anything.
Comedian Steven Wright is a welcome addition, and gets to interject the occasional snide remark at opportune moments. Also of note is screenwriter/actor Buck Henry (“The Graduate”), who appears as the father of party host Andrew.
Overall, a moderately entertaining film that says nothing, but has fun in not saying it.

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