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By Daniel Bernardi | July 25, 2005

Meet Poobert! He is a real piece of s**t. Not in the sense that he is mean and nasty. No! In the sense that he is actually a talking turd whose acting career has fallen on hard times since the end of World War II where he had most of his work where he played “Shitler” in war reels.

The animated mockumentary begins with a filmmaker who has worked with Poobert in the past when they made promos together for the arrival of toilets on the market. The promo was to encourage people to use their toilets properly and to flush their excrement in order to get rid of the turds. The turds then fight back demanding people not to flush as they want to take over the world.

The film is very well animated and a total hoot! I was in stiches for the whole thing and it was never short of laughs. When the lead in your film is a turd you can pretty much expect almost anything to happen next. Mr. Hanky now has a partner in grime! Won Best Animated Short at The 6th Melbourne Underground Film Festival.

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