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By Chris Gore | December 13, 2001

This film has not yet been reviewed. Check back later for the complete review here on FilmThreat.com. Synopsis: WORLD PREMIERE – One moon-lit Los Angeles evening an odd assortment of outcasts walk into the life of Bail Bondsman Mo Potter and help save the life of Mo’s six year-old son. Unknown to each other, each will find by the end of the eventful evening that they’ve learned something important about one of life’s mysteries.
There’s a clown named Bananas and his diminutive partner Binky Silver; Banana’s wife Suzi and his lover, a stripper named Lily; three priests off to Africa but who are destined never to get there; and a singer named Sanandra fighting with her world-famous record producing boyfriend, Lenny Rollins. More than one end up in trouble with the police.

And then there’s Timmy Potter, Mo’s son, who because of failing kidneys has spent the important years of his young life in and out of hospitals. Timmy doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone, but when his medic-alert goes off – which means the hospital may have a donor – the struggle to save Timmy’s life is quickly taken up by Sanandra and the priests and then by all the others who have been touched by the quiet courage of this delicate boy on this night of 13 MOONS.

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