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By Doug Brunell | November 22, 2004

Had I not figured out the ending to this short film about a minute
in there would have been more of an emotional payoff. It’s hard to do character development in four minutes, and this film — which is about a man’s final minutes of life — has no real resolution, so the only thing it can do is go for the big emotional climax. If you don’t feel something, the film fails.

The film failed, though it gets some points for trying.

Short films, like short stories, can do wonders. They can pack a punch and be on their way before you know what hit you. For a film like “11th Hour” to work, however, you have to take the time to know and care about the characters. That time isn’t given here, and instead we feel like spies viewing an uncomfortable situation. Had it been more drawn out and the characters had a chance to actually talk, the conclusion would have meant something. It’s a shame it doesn’t because this is an interesting idea that, had it been given more life (no pun intended), would have made quite an impact.

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