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By Admin | February 26, 2012

Nathan Fisher’s 109, based on an original story by John McGhee, gives us an uncomfortable look into the life of Greg (Rob MacLaney), a dirty looking man who has covered his livingroom with photos of naked women with blacked-out eyes. He also keeps a collection of ugly or otherwise creepy-looking baby dolls. If those questionable interior design choices aren’t odd enough, he also needs to do everything nine times.

One day he leaves his home and, walking down the street, notices a woman wearing a shirt with the number nine on her back. This sets in motion a series of events whereupon he steals the shirt off her back, checks into a motel (room 109, naturally) and proceeds to watch porn… among other things that I don’t wish to spoil for you. His shirt-stealing actions have aroused police suspicion, however, and they track him down to the motel…

The film looks really good, which is a plus and a minus, because sometimes, for the sake of your own psyche, you don’t want such a clear look at the dirty and dingy. Additionally, the acting is solid as well. Really, this is a well-done short film about a disturbed individual, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Greg character pops up in other films or projects. I mean, this is just a glimpse at one bit of his insanity. Where does it all lead? Do we want to know how this started, or even, how it will eventually end?

The end twist winds up being a perverse excuse for a bad pun, but when you’re watching a film about a guy as off-kilter as Greg winds up being, it actually works and the end result makes perfect sense. Which, when you think about it, is all the more disturbing.

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