1. [ Princess Leia ]
But only in the first movie, when she was still a newbie whose accent flip-flopped between valley girl and Shakespearean English. By the second film, too many cigarettes and life in the fast lane had taken their toll on her beauty. Plus, she lost that stylish double danish hairdo.
2. [ Aunt Beru Lars ]
Check out that devilish glint in her eye when she says, “Tell Uncle if he gets an interpreter to make sure it speaks Bocce.” Grrrowr!
3. The Woman Who Fires The Ion Cannon
“Stand-by ion control?” More like, “Stand-by for love!”
4. [ Mon Mothma ]
She can run our Rebel briefing any time, if you take our meaning. Hoo-ha!
5. [ Oola, Jabba’s Twi’Lek dancing girl ]
Holy mackeral, what a pair of lekku head tails on this beauty! Wonder if they were implants?
6. [ Jabba’s fat dancing girl ]
This lady’s got so much to offer, she could do the dance of the SEVENTY veils! Hey, as Spinal Tap said, “The larger the waistband, the deeper the quicksand.”
7. [ Twin #1 In The Mos Eisley Cantina ]
Nothing like a beehive hairdo to get our motors running. Wish she was hanging out in OUR cantina, nudge-nudge!
8. [ Twin #2 In The Mos Eisley Cantina ]
9 and 10. Ummm…next…

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