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Won’t Be Long Now

By Alan Ng | June 6, 2024

A new father finds himself cursed after the birth of his newborn child in Billy Nawrocki’s horror short, Won’t Be Long Now.

Nawrocki plays a father in a loving family with his wife and newborn. As the stress and pressure of fatherhood slowly mount, the father sees an ominous figure in the distance “stalking” him and his family. No matter how many pictures he tries to take or the warnings he gives, no one, including his wife, believes him, so he takes matters into his own hands.

“As the stress and pressure of fatherhood slowly mount, the father sees an ominous figure…”

Writer, director, and star Billy Nawrocki utilizes filmmaking techniques to depict a gradual descent into chaos effectively. The film begins with an unsettling voiceover by the father, followed by the introduction of an extremely eerie “imaginary friend” who only the father can see. This friend ominously stands by, creating an atmosphere of anxious anticipation. As the film progresses, Nawrocki skillfully builds tension through the use of music, eventually leading to a dramatic unraveling of sanity.

Won’t Be Long Now skillfully manages its tone, with Nawrocki guiding the film’s atmosphere like a DJ, keeping the audience on edge. It’s creepy, tense…all leading to a tragic conclusion.

Won't Be Long Now (2024)

Directed and Written: Billy Nawrocki

Starring: Billy Nawrocki, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Won't Be Long Now Image

"…creepy, tense...all leading to a tragic conclusion."

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