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Wild Boys

By Alan Ng | December 2, 2023

In Morten Forland’s comedy feature, Wild Boys, parents find a way to parent us long after they are gone. Our hero, Kate’s (Kate Frampton David) typical morning of staying home and completing her online ninja training course is disrupted by the news that her father has passed after going missing the night before. After the funeral, Sheriff Jones (Alyssa Padia) delivers a package from Kate’s father, telling her that her inheritance is buried in a treasure chest in the middle of the forest. She only has a few days to find the treasure, or she’ll get nothing.

This insane treasure hunt may sound like a father’s cruelty, but her father is emphatic that Kate ventures into the great outdoors and lives life instead of living her reclusive existence in the family cabin home.

Ironically, after living her entire life in the forest, she has no clue how to do simple wilderness tasks…such as hiking. Yet, not being homeless is a great motivator to fulfill her father’s wishes.

While finishing her shift at her diner job, Kate runs into an ex-crush from her youth, Axel (Vince Major), who still has feelings for Kate. Kate is immediately turned off by ICE agent Axel and his macho bravado. Shunned by Kate, the obsessed Axel follows her on her forest adventure.

Stepping into the forest for the first time in a very long time, Kate is approached by Bear (Kaylie Gipson) and the mumbling Yap (Bill Hoversten), who mockingly warns her that her comfortable shoes may not feel so great after a long day of mountain hiking.

“…delivers a package from Kate’s father, telling her that her inheritance is buried in a treasure chest…”

Not long after, Kate is surprised by a pair of “wild boys,” Red (Vincent Catalina) and Jondeere (Jordan Laemmlen). The boys are donned in loin clothes and have survived in the forest since childhood. They intend to steal Kate’s canned beans but instead team up with her to find her dad’s treasure since they know the forest terrain. All they ask in return are some chips and other junk food.

I think you can tell by the description that Wild Boys is a bit of a silly comedy about breaking out of one’s shell and living life. Since the pandemic, more of us have grown comfortable isolating ourselves from the rest of the world…including our neighborhood and certainly nature. Wild Boys encourages us to live life, meet new people, and go on whacky adventures.

This is not high drama here nor biting satire. I mean, grown men living the Tarzan dream…am I right? Yet, the story is full of positivity. Through Kate’s burgeoning friendship with the Wild Boys, she is able to show the boys trust and friendship…along with the modern conveniences of life…like chips and hot chocolate. In return, the Wild Boys show Kate that the world is not a dangerous place versus the conniving Axel, who was the reason she went into seclusion in the first place.

Wild Boys also screams indie film…a Film Threat favorite. The first tip-off is the fact that most low-budget indies are shot either in the forest or the desert. With Red and Jondeere in loincloths, the savings on the costume budget are right there in your face.

Wild Boys is meant to be fun, and that’s all. Kate’s story of living life is sprinkled with a bit of slapstick comedy featuring locals with guns. There’s also a Hallmark sensibility with swear words and a scene loaded with double entendres about sex in the woods.

For screening information, visit the Wild Boys official website.

Wild Boys (2023)

Directed: Morten Forland

Written: Vincent Catalina, Morten Forland

Starring: Kate Frampton Davis, Vincent Catalina, Jordan Laemmlen, Vince Major, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

Wild Boys Image

"…a silly comedy about breaking out of one's shell and living life."

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