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Welcome to Our Home

By Matthew Roe | November 10, 2021

SCREAMFEST 2021 REVIEW! What could be more utterly terrifying than meeting your partner’s parents for the first time, especially when they are diametrically opposed to you in nearly every way? Well, writer/director Gregory M. Schroeder’s short film Welcome to Our Home explores this monstrous encounter a bit more literally than most, and the results are extremely fun.

Welcome to Our Home starts with Brad (Hank Northrop) arriving at his parents’ house with his new liberal girlfriend Lena (Danielle Dallas Roosa). After a quick rundown on the topics of discussion to avoid, the conservative Marnie (Cheryl Dent) and Jeff (Christopher Carroll) open the door and usher them inside for dinner. It isn’t long before dietary restrictions are challenged, tensions escalate, and everyone’s true nature comes roaring to the surface.

“…dietary restrictions are challenged, tensions escalate…”

Every major development is played for laughs, and Schroeder’s amusing screenplay nails each setup and punchline with flawless precision. The dialogue is wonderfully executed by the entire cast, who all appear to be having an absolute blast with their roles. These performances are all turned up to eleven when sparks start to fly, which is greatly accentuated by Denis Romanov’s intense visual effects, the impeccable make-up design, and Schroeder’s musical stingers (all of which would have made William Castle very proud).

Welcome to Our Home is hallmarked by its razor-sharp attention to detail in every aspect of its production. The filmmaker never overextends himself, delivering a concise and lean narrative. This is a film that should absolutely be watched in a group, with everyone laughing at the same time enhancing the experience. The short bodes well for the cinematic future of Schroeder and his collaborators.

Welcome to Our Home screened at the 2021 Los Angeles Screamfest.

Welcome to Our Home (2021)

Directed and Written: Gregory M. Schroeder

Starring: Danielle Dallas Roosa, Hank Northrop, Cheryl Dent, Christopher Carroll, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Welcome to Our Home Image

"…razor-sharp attention to detail..."

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