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We Choose To Go

By Callum Chiplin | July 25, 2020

Upon awakening from cryogenic sleep, Angie Miranda (Sarah Flower) recalibrates herself onboard the spacecraft Horizon and emerges from her pod, incredibly weak and saturated in space fluids. Nevertheless, she is vigilant and immediately aware that her mission has been compromised with fatal errors. Her crew has died in cryo-sleep, and she is the only survivor. Not only is the sole source of food far beyond its expiry date, but as the situation transpires, the information conveyed by the craft’s J.A.R.V.I.S-esque autopilot Nova (Marlene Emilia Rios) reveals that Horizon has gone far beyond it’s intended destination to Pluto and has been aimlessly coasting through the infinity of space for 60 years.

Foodless, helpless, and completely alone, Marlene Emilia Rios’s sci-fi short We Choose To Go details astronaut Angie Miranda’s acceptance of her inescapable doom and terminal predicament, with glimpses of the previous life full of love that she gave up for the pursuit to fulfill her dreams of the celestial traverse. 

“Her crew has died in cryo-sleep, and she is the only survivor.”

For many reading, the question posed is, “Okay, so it’s another space movie, so what?” Well, for so many movie makers and films, there always has to be high-paced explosive and vibrant action going on with anything involving space, when space is, in fact, a vacuum and incredibly silent and devoid of a lot of things especially loud noises. Granted, a film composed of the man-made implements of space being a laser-filled button-bleeping warzone is what many want to and hope to see. However (spoiler alert), it is essential to note that it is not space itself that films capture as blaring and cacophonous, but the humans involved which make it so.

We Choose to Go (2020)

Directed and Written: Marlene Emilia Rios

Starring: Sarah Flower, Carl Briedis, Jamie Forrest, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

We Choose to Go Image

"…life full of love that she gave up for the pursuit to fulfill her dreams..."

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