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We Are The Prototypes

By Dante James | July 10, 2018

Mockumentaries have been around in the world of cinema since around the 70s. We’ve seen them done with the rock classic, “This is Spinal Tap” and the 90s hip-hop inspired, “Fear of Black Hat.” But though We Are The Prototypes isn’t breaking new ground, director, and star of the film, Ayesha Adamo does a decent job of making this short film funny and ridiculous (in the right way).

We Are The Prototypes “documents” the rise of (fake) German electronica artists Ah-Yes (Ayesha Adamo), Hans Von Kleinenberg (Bryce Churchill), and Hans Gambino aka “DJ G-Free” (Vin Scialla). Obviously, these names are over-the-top but, that’s the point.

During this “journey” we’re taken on by “noted” director and auteur, Javier Anderson (J.J. Philips), we hear from several others who are or were at one point connected to the band. From the band’s manager Leslie Taylor (Dana Marisa Schoenfield) to Mandy Michelson (Jessica Sherr), the ex-girlfriend of former bandmate, Hawkman (who died from being set on fire by his own guitar). We follow their “angsty” beginnings from the metal band, 11:11 to their formation of, The Prototypes… and beyond.

“…poke fun at the pretense of indie artist…The Prototypes claim on music is their unique “IFE” sound…Intelligent Feline Electronica.”

A big reason to like this movie is that it does poke fun at the pretense of the indie artist. For example, The Prototypes claim on music is their unique “IFE” sound, which stands for Intelligent Feline Electronica. To which they state that cats have a big impression on their music, and because of which, is primarily for them.

Another thing they really go out of their way to troll is the band’s typical German nihilist attitude about success and conformity. Then there are the weird multiple scenes where Hans Von Kleinenberg is petting a cucumber for no apparent reason.

But this movie doesn’t really come together in my opinion until we meet their manager Leslie. This is where the movie finds it’s sweet spot. Dana Marisa Schoenfield (who I swore was SNL comedian, Kate McKinnon during my first watch) is literally comedy gold and steals every almost scene. Not to say there aren’t other funny moments in the film, but she in my opinion pretty much carries this movie.

“…Schoenfield…is literally comedy gold and steals almost every scene.”

We Are The Prototypes is a short film. Fifteen minutes to be exact. And unlike another short film I had to review recently (I’ll spare you the title), it was very well produced, written, and acted. Obviously making a mocumentary is a little more “formulaic” than creating something completely original, but just because a certain subject matter has been tackled before, doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting and fun.

(Also, as those who know me and my opinion on shorts, I do give a certain amount of grace to indie pieces because they do have a lot less to work with than features with an endless budget.)

I would recommend giving We Are The Prototypes a watch. It’s not a big time investment, and it actually is entertaining. Will your my mind be blown by what you just watched? No, not at all. But you will laugh. And if your goal was to watch a comedy, that’s a score in my book!

We Are The Prototypes Film Poster – Directed by Ayesha Adamo – Poster design by Bryce Churchill

We Are The Prototypes (2018) Directed by Ayesha Adamo. Written by Ayesha Adamo and Vin Scialla. Starring Ayesha Adamo, Vin Scialla, Bryce Churchill, Dana Marisa Schoenfield, J.J. Philips, and Jessica Sherr

6 out of10

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  1. Connnie Adamo says:

    Would love to see the while thing. look forward to it. From what I’ve seen, it’s a hoot!!

  2. Kimberly Brown says:

    I love the Prototypes! IFE forever! Ah and Hans squared take the mundane out of the music world.

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