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Voyage of the Chimera

By Kyle Bain | April 12, 2022

I’ve mentioned in a previous review that low-budget science-fiction flicks should exist in their own category rather than being considered part of the same genre as some of the sci-fi greats. Voyage of Chimera is a prime example of why this new category should exist. The movie, written by Patrick Gates and director Michael Gates, depicts Marcus DeVol (Kyle Cruz-Cordova) and his team in space, attempting to complete their mission and survive. They face a number of exciting and devastating scenarios and must lean on one another to make it out alive.

The acting is pleasantly surprising, as, through the majority of the film, there is some semblance of emotion, and the key aspects of the narrative are understood and appreciated as a result of what the ensemble brings to the table. The actors are provided the opportunity to feed off of one another constantly, and they all do so admirably. While the acting certainly won’t blow viewers away, the fact that the filmmakers understand the abilities of their actors and create effective dialogue for each person is a testament to what they bring to the table.

“…Marcus DeVol and his team in space, attempting to complete their mission and survive.”

On just a $20,000 budget, it seems impossible for Voyage of the Chimera to be all that visually arresting, but this is by far the most effective and entertaining aspect. Rather than build sets and spend a massive amount of their budget on unnecessary things, the set designers worked with the visual effects team to bring the many otherworldly visuals to life via green screen. As a result, scene after scene teems with life, as the universe the film takes place in looks accurate and believable. While the sets become less interactive, the creativity of the cast and crew allows them to find ways to use the locations to the best of their abilities and develop scenarios accurately and effectively. On such a low budget, to be able to create something so lively and vibrant is a true testament to what the crew is capable of.

In all honesty, the narrative isn’t what drives Voyage of the Chimera. That’s not to say the plot is bad; it is just not all that original. Not even the better-than-expected acting offers true forward momentum. Those two things seem like they should be the driving force behind this sci-fi odyssey. Instead, the special effects and what this team can create using a green screen and just about no money kept me invested. The visuals enthralled me, and the movie came to life as a result.

Voyage of the Chimera feels a little derivative of the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises, with some visuals that look almost identical to both fan-favorite series. However, using visuals similar to what sci-fi fans have already come to love allows them instantly recognize and appreciate the settings. Even with the rest of the film being somewhere in the realm of slightly above-average, the visuals are enough to attract viewers and keep them engaged.

For more information, visit the Voyage of the Chimera official website.

Voyage of the Chimera (2022)

Directed: Michael Gates

Written: Michael Gates, Patrick Gates

Starring: Kyle Cruz-Cordova, Brian Nakanishi, Andrew VanDeGrift, Anthony O’Neil Kelly Jr., Troy Harris, Blackwell Hird, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Voyage of the Chimera Image

"…the visuals are enough to attract viewers and keep them engaged."

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