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By Jordaine Givens | February 8, 2019

Love, when funneled through the mind of an artist, would garner a million paintings, songs, pictures, films, and moments. Untogether is an interweaving love story strung together by the sinews of torn souls chasing after that ever-out-of-reach feeling.

In her directorial debut, Emma Forrest pens the story of Andrea (Jemima Kirke), a young writer struggling to manage a jealousy-fueled affair, and the early twilight of her career. While Andrea’s sister Tara (Lola Kirke), loses the spark for her older boyfriend and gravitates towards her newly-met rabbi.

Andrea, recovering from a heroin addiction, wields a somewhat cruel demeanor with the loved ones in her life. Despite it all, she falls for a newly successful writer and unknowingly drudges up uncontrollable emotions. Jemima Kirke’s performance is subtle, yet masterful. She captures the duality of a heart-searching, yet evading, love at all costs. In the game of cat and mouse with Jamie Dornan’s Nick, the actors strive in allowing the characters the moments to breathe in even the heaviest scenes.

“…a young writer struggling to manage a jealousy-fueled affair, and the early twilight of her career.”

Tara and her retired rock star boyfriend Martin (Ben Mendelsohn) hold a slightly smaller priority in the grand scheme of the script, but it doesn’t prevent them from utilizing their own rightful place. While Lola Kirke’s turn as Tara could be flat at times, she mostly remained grounded in character and kept Tara as someone you can’t help but root for.

This film strikes unearthed gold in the moments where its characters act completely impulsive and only follow their desires to feel something in that split passing second. Mendelsohn presents his usual powerhouse-self, bringing Martin off the pages in just those scenes and slapping our hearts with nostalgic pains.

With terrific pacing, knockout script, and actors who know what to do with it, Untogether quickly earned its place in the subgenre of romance worth watching.

Untogether (2018) Directed by Emma Forrest. Written by Emma Forrest. Starring Jemima Kirke, Lola Kirke, Jamie Dornan, Ben Mendelsohn, Billy Crystal, Alice Eve.

7 out of 10

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