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By Alan Ng | May 12, 2022

The bond between sisters is tested in director Chelsea Bryn Lockie’s short film Unbridaled. Catherine (Caitlin Simpson) and Maxie (Mischa Dani Goodman) are sisters, well stepsisters, yet their familial bond was forged from the very beginning. On the eve of Catherine’s wedding, both she and Maxie find themselves lost in the middle of the forest after an out-of-control bachelorette party. How did they get there, and why?


“On the eve of Catherine’s wedding, both she and Maxie find themselves lost in the middle of the forest…”

We quickly learn that their present predicament was Maxie’s scheme to foil Catherine’s wedding. Maxie feels cheated that Catherine chose to get married before the two had a chance to fulfill their sisterly promises as children. One such dream being an adventure to Machu Picchu. Can this rift be mended? With no power in their cellphones, their only hope for rescue is found at a nearby nudist resort where… you do as the Romans do.

Unbridaled is a sweet and wacky comedy about sisters. Yes, screenwriter Thom Harp keeps the tone pretty silly, and Lockie fills the frame with a fair share of nudity sight gags (of which I’m a fan). But the film’s strength comes in its story of sisterhood and Simpson and Goodman’s performance. Both actors capture the right tone of drama and comedy as they bare everything on the screen, figuratively and literally, for the supporting cast.

Unbridaled will screen at the 2022 Dances With Films.

Unbridaled (2022)

Directed: Chelsea Bryn Lockie

Written: Thom Harp

Starring: Mischa Dani Goodman, Caitlin Simpson, Evan Michael, Michael Bonini, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Unbridaled Image

"…a sweet and wacky comedy..."

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