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While the male actors are great in the movie, I really want to call out the two female leads.  Melissa Barrera has been on several TV series in Mexico, though I had never seen her in anything.  Wow, does she have a commanding screen presence. The more significant role though is that of Tania, and Anahí Dávila, a relative newcomer, absolutely nails the performance.  She really surprised me, as I thought I had her character pegged, only to have her completely pull the rug out from under me. She had to span a wide range of emotions from grief to joy, and with respect to the other characters, innocence to seductress. She excels at them all.  

Two Times You isn’t a movie I can explain in words because it really is a cinematic experience — the music, look, acting, and editing are all essential.  Only a few times in my life have I wanted to watch a movie immediately again after it is over, but this is one of them. To me, the greatest rush in watching movies is to find a new director I’ve never heard of, but one I know I’ll be watching every film they make.  That’s certainly the case with Salo Askenazi.

Two Times You a.k.a. Dos Veces Tú (2019) Written and directed by Salomón Askenazi. Starring Melissa Barrera, Anahí Dávila, Daniel Adissi. Two Times You (Dos Veces Tú) screened at the 2019 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Rating: 9.5 / 10

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  1. Maria G says:

    This movie was pretty good, a bit confusing with the back and forth. I’m still not sure what happened at the end, who actually died?

  2. Bret Shirley says:

    I saw this last night in San Diego. People who can’t write, people who can’t direct and people who can’t act make movies with gratuitous sex and nudity. This is one of those movies. Wandering, incoherent plot. Odd cinematography. Not worth the time to see. 9.5? What are you on?

    • The thing is, you GIVE ABSOLUTELY NO facts to backup your claims. If you were expecting to watch a Marvel film, then you walked into the wrong movie theater. There’s a plot: People coping with a loss and their sanity is at stake. There’s no gratuitous nudity since it’s plot related and it’s handled rather well by the director. How about you make your own film instead of trashing other people’s work with reviews based on nothing but your own biased opinions.

  3. Milly Cohen says:

    A review that embellish my soul, I saw the movie and I also felt as excited as you. It is my best for far. Thank you for putting in words what I felt and could have not written as you did. Not in English, at least.

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