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Two Knights

By Alan Ng | April 6, 2022

Director Piotr Szkopiak’s short film, Two Knights, ponders the age-old question, with all the suffering humans have inflicted on their fellow humans, where is God?

Our story takes place in a remote part of the world where a set of dilapidated iron fortresses stand on steel stilts in the middle of the sea. The archangel Michael (Reece J. Morant) arrives to confront the structure’s sole occupant, Lucifer (Adrian Darko). Lucifer challenges Michael to a game of chess, but the impatient Michael insists on knowing the reason why Lucifer has summoned him.

If you know the ancient story, Lucifer was once a prominent archangel, like Michael. In a moment of rebellion (or self-will), Lucifer was banished along with a third of the angels from the heavenly army. It has been several millennia since the two were first separated. Lucifer questions Michael whether any good has come from God’s ultimate creation, Man. God gave them a set of instructions, and they’ve managed to pervert it, justifying war, slavery, and injustice.

“Lucifer questions Michael whether any good has come from God’s ultimate creation, Man.”

Two Knights is a profoundly personal and philosophical discussion of the nature of good and evil. Having studied theology for several years, I have my ideas on the subject. But, agree or disagree, screenwriters Tommaso Genovesi, Adrian Darko, and Reece J. Morant use the chess game to question God’s role (or absence) amid great human horror and ponder the relationship between two brothers/comrades who swore their love for one another.

Several elements struck me about the film. The first is its setting. I’m absolutely obsessed with this location. Where in the world are these structures, and what’s their story? These abandoned iron fortresses in the middle of nowhere are the most perfect place to tell this story. This choice of setting elevates the dramatic short film to an entirely different level.

The other intriguing element is the discussion of God’s intention when He created man. When we look at the evil in this world, it’s not hard to wonder if God even cares anymore. It’s as if he is just sitting off in the distance watching us kill one another and, worse, distorting and exploiting his Word.

If you’re up for a discussion of life, the universe, and everything, Two Knights is the perfect prompt. It’s sure to start a long day of self-reflection and perspective on the tiny blip we each occupy on the timeline of human history.

For more information about Two Knights, visit the MARDVIEW Productions official website.

Two Knights (2022)

Directed: Piotr Szkopiak

Written: Tommaso Genovesi, Adrian Darko, Reece J. Morant

Starring: Adrian Darko, Reece J. Morant, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Two Knights Image

"…I'm absolutely obsessed with this location."

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