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Trombone Jones

By Alan Ng | February 21, 2023

In Chris M. Rutledge’s short film, Trombone Jones, we see that many of our veterans are left on their own to navigate through the cycle of trauma with no means to break that cycle. Tyran Cosby plays the titular Trombone Jones, a down-on-his-luck military veteran just trying to find some success in a familiar yet unfamiliar world he calls home. After being turned down for a business loan, Jones walks into a pawn shop and purchases a used trombone and a music book.

Being autodidactic, Jones is a quick student and soon masters the instrument. Soon, he’s making good money busking on the street. After a video of Jones goes viral, he lands a job performing at a nightclub. His most significant discovery comes when meeting singer Grace (Alexa Rachelle). The two form a partnership and then a marriage. All is grand for Trombone Jones, but the memories and PTSD he picked up in battle come back around to potentially thwart his success.


“…a down-on-his-luck military veteran just trying to find some success in a familiar yet unfamiliar world he calls home.”

Trombone Jones is not your typical short. The entire tale is told without dialogue, requiring the actors’ actions to speak more than words. They not only wonderfully act out the actions but brings empathy to the characters of Jones and Grace. As Jones, Cosby carries the emotional baggage by playing a soldier with enough pride that he doesn’t need help while slowly becoming unhinged in the end.

Writer/director Rutledge sets the noir tone with a smooth jazz background and Jones’ trombone riff that plays throughout the pieces. My only criticism is the story moves a little slow and could speed up a beat or two faster. But an introspective narrative and wonderful performances win in the end for Trombone Jones.

For screening information, visit the Trombone Jones official website.

Trombone Jones (2021)

Directed and Written: Chris M. Rutledge

Starring: Tyran Cosby, Alexa Rachelle, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Trombone Jones Image

"…an introspective narrative and wonderful performances..."

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