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Tower Of Silence

By Bobby LePire | December 2, 2019

The ingredients for a high fantasy film are, in no particular order, are as follows- period costumes, armor, weapons, special effects for spellcasting, props that look outlandish, a substantial amount of special make-up, and various animatronics and puppetry (or more CGI) to bring mythical creatures to life. All of which can be pretty expensive.

Here’s a similar list for horror movies- a $5 rubber knife, $20 worth of corn syrup, $10 for some red dye, and whatever clothes the actors don’t mind ruining that day (from their own wardrobe of course).

Kae has been kidnapped…the necromancer. Her students wish to get her back, in part as a beacon of hope that the current war is not in vain.”

Point being, there are a lot of elements to juggle before a high fantasy movie even begins shooting. As such, it might sound like they’d be the exclusive domain of the big-budget studios, but that isn’t the case. Just in the last few years, there’s been Dragon Mountain, Knights Of The Damned, and the Russian epic Santa Claus: Battle Of The Magi. Arrowstorm Entertainment’s Mythica series spawned five films and a board game. Heck, even Syfy Originals and The Asylum studios have gotten in on the dragon-slaying, goblin fighting, adventures. The latest high fantasy film to see the light of day, courtesy of High Octane Pictures, is Tower Of Silence.

The movie follows Denzikel (Brandon Tyler Harris), a brash but spirited soldier as he quests to find his commander. See, a brutal attack by the undead army of an unholy alliance between a necromancer and a power-hungry warrior has left the monastery he was protecting decimated. Denzikel joins up with Arcadia (Taylor Rose) and Rahim (Brandon Gill), two students of the great sorceress Kae (Jenny Sterlin).

Kae has been kidnapped by Marwoleath (Christopher L. McAllister), the necromancer. Her students wish to get her back, in part as a beacon of hope that the current war is not in vain. Why was the sorceress taken instead of killed? Is there a way to stop the undead army and bring peace to the land?

Tower Of Silence (2019)

Directed: Erik Flynn Patton

Written: Daniel Patton

Starring: Jenny Sterlin, Brandon Tyler Harris, Taylor Rose, Brandon Gill, Mark Evans, Ronald Peet, Arielle Jacobs, Chris Cafero, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Tower Of Silence Image

"…found the lore to be quite engaging, the action was solid, and the characters were likable."

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