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There’s A Monster Behind You

By Chris Salce | October 30, 2018

Don’t look now. There’s something behind you!

That lone sentence could sum up the premise of the short film There’s a Monster Behind You, but here at Film Threat, we like to get more in depth and break things down for you. So, that’s what I’ll do.

In There’s a Monster Behind You, two friends who often play pranks on each other, experience some monster sightings. Well, I should say, one of the two friends, Shylo, experiences frequent monster sightings. Since the two play jokes on each other constantly, it’s hard for Shylo to convince his friend that a monster has been following them everywhere they go.

This ten-minute and thirty nine-second short is very entertaining and unique. It was hard to find something that really stood out because every element of the short film was equally good. From the acting to the production, this short is something that’s hard to find, and I’m guessing is also hard to make.

“…hard to convince his friend that a monster has been following them everywhere they go.”

The genius of it is that it’s a light-hearted horror with as many laughs as it has scares. It is a film that keeps your attention throughout every second of it, not only with the laughs, but also the jump scares, and there’s plenty of them.

Now, if you are wondering if an independent short film about a monster sighting actually has a monster in it, the answer is: Yes! And once you actually see the monster, it’s well worth it. I liked so many things about the short, the monster itself had to be my favorite–even though it only has a couple of seconds of screen time.

I appreciated the monster itself because it was made using practical effects. Something hard to come by in the day and age of computer graphics. And it looked pretty damn amazing. It’s just another thing that shows how much those that made the film put into to the film. You can see that they cast and crew truly cared about what it was that they were creating.

If I had to find a negative, it would be that it was the short was too short and that I wanted to watch more of it. Not much of a negative if you think about it.

There’s a Monster Behind You (2018) Directed and written by Evan Richards. Starring Stuart Mansell, Stuart Mackie Ellis, Lizzie Hopley.

9 out of 10

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